Friday, November 20, 2015


For many of us, the hardest part of Christmas shopping is figuring out what to buy for our loved ones. If you have a sailor in the family, there are lots of great gift options in all price ranges. (If you are the sailor in your family, you just might want share this post with Santa.)

Note: To make your shopping simple and easy, all of the links (in Italics) here are active and will take you directly to the site.

If you are looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers (less than $25), consider:
Drinking glasses to keep his/her cocktails secure
Fender Tenders to make attaching fenders faster and easier
Drink caddies to keep food and drink near the helm
Floating cell phone case to keep electronics high and dry
Sailing gloves to protect his/her hands
Simply Wonderful Sailing to tell your sailor everything he/she needs to know about comfort and safety while aboard.
West Marine gift cards to buy every little thing that you didn’t.

If you want a slightly more substantial gift ($25 and up), look for:
Fenders to protect the boat from scratches
Inflatable life jacket to keep the sailor safe should he/she fall overboard
The American Practical Navigator, the timeless navigation book, to help any sailor find his way
Coolers for storing food and drink
Rain gear for keeping the sailor warm and dry
Knife for so many chores on the boat
West Marine gift cards to buy every big thing that you didn’t.

No, I don’t work for West Marine or for Amazon. However, I’ve bought each and every one of these items at some point during my sailing career and have found each item, whether large or small, to be a wise investment.

The one exception is Simply Wonderful Sailing. I didn’t buy it – I wrote it. I’ve purposely made the print version small enough to slip into a Christmas stocking. While it is primarily aimed at beginning sailors, even experienced sailors will likely find useful and interesting tidbits information in this little book.

Happy holidays and happy sailing!

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